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22Mar 2016
My friend has access to a small van and we felt that we could tackle my furniture removals alone. This wouldn't be the case as when we tried to start moving things in advance we realised we wouldn't get the heavier goods shifted, let alone down a flight of stairs. We called in Roehampton Moving Company and they did everything for us. They saved me time and energy, and they made the move a lot safer for us.
Diana Lance
24Jun 2015
One of the greatest things about Roehampton Movers was how well they listened. Previously I have hired removal companies with staff that don't listen and then later make mistakes. No mistakes to speak of here! In some cases the guys would even write things down in order to remember them later on! Excellent attention to detail and an all-round good service!
H. Dorset
06Jan 2015
Last time I tried to move my household furniture by myself I ended up breaking more than what I kept. So this time my partner insisted on using a professional firm for our furniture removals and while I was a little bit put out, I can't deny that RoehamptonRemovals did a pretty good job. All of my furniture survived the trip so while I did have to pay them for moving my stuff I didn't have to pay out for a lot of new furniture - pretty sure using a removals firm saved me money in the long-run.
Andrew Bateman
03Dec 2014
I have never before experienced such an easy and tension-free move ever before, and I have moved a lot across the country because of my job. With RoehamptonRemovals, I didn't have to worry about a single thing. Their team came and handled everything for me, from packing to transport to unloading and assembling. With such friendly and dedicated service, they have definitely made it to my list of top movers and I would definitely be using them again.
Mark Glenn
04Nov 2014
RoehamptonRemovals are a removals company that I called after looking for someone to help my family shift our belongings to our new home. I wasn't sure about paying out for a man and a van, but in the end we were glad that we went with this option instead of hiring a private van ourselves. Many thanks for a great service!
Tom L.
10Sep 2014
I have to say that I was very impressed with the way in which the team form RoehamptonRemovals handled our removal last month. They made sure that everything was treated properly, but still managed to get it done in time for us to be in before it got dark. Moving in the winter was a bit of a risk, but they made light work of it, and I have to say that I would not want to change the experience for the world. An amazing job indeed.
Charles Bell
27Aug 2014
Knowing how difficult some things in a removal can be, we got RoehamptonRemovals in to do the job. They supplied us with a full packing service, so that me and my wife could carry on working right up to the day of the removal without the stress of not having enough time to get things done. I have always found that the result of a great removal is a process that feels almost fun, rather than work, and with this lot, it was exactly like that. A great removal from an excellent team.
Steven B.
25Jul 2014
When I called RoehamptonRemovals I was half-expecting to be sold an overpriced domestic removals service that was shoddy and unprofessional. I know lots of people who've had awful experiences with removal companies, and so when it came to picking one for my moving day I went online and read lots of reviews. The reviews for this company all seemed really positive, but I was still unsure when I called them! The staff offered great customer service and listened to what it was I needed instead of just palming me off with some old van. The movers were helpful and efficient and very friendly! I'm over the moon with this service!
02Jun 2014
Cannot thank RoehamptonRemovals enough for the help and support they gave to my elderly mother in law recently. She lived in a bungalow but was moving to self contained living accommodation which offers support to the elderly. Her move needed to be done on a day that unfortunately none of us family members were available to help. I had to rely and put my trust into a company who could offer her some support in our absent and this company were fantastic, they really took good care of the whole situation and helped my mother in law settle into her new home, she was very pleased, thank you!
13May 2014
RoehamptonRemovals took care of my packing and boxing, storage, and removal. It was the easiest move I've ever had. They simply sorted it all out and it went really well. I'm no good at packing or moving or anything like that, so finding a company that could do all of that for me seemed to me to be like a dream come true. I was so happy with this company and their excellent removal services. It's rare to find such a reliable company. You will be amazed by what they can do. Don't miss out on taking advantage of these brilliant removal services!
Rita Moore
29Apr 2014
When it comes to moving house, I don't think it's easy to put a price on being able to do it in a relaxed manner. Saving all the stress of moving home was important to me because I have enough worries at work without having to think about moving home all the time as well. That's why I like to hire RoehamptonRemovals. Every time I've had to move home, they've been there to make sure that I got the best moving experience possible. Their prices are really excellent as well, which was something I was definitely not expecting. Thanks.
Lisa Young
16Apr 2014
The move I recently did with RoehamptonRemovals was a happy success, and I would like to extend thanks to all involved. The process was a simple and easy one, but it would have been a nightmare without the team from the removals company. Everyone was nice to have around, and all seemed unified under the cause that was a safe and sound removal. Nothing got broken, all was easy and stress free, and with the price being as reasonable as it was, I was incredibly happy with how it all went. Thanks to all there, once again!
Phil West
29Mar 2014
I had one of the best moving experiences in my life using an exceptional removal company. RoehamptonRemovals were easy to deal with, and well organised from the beginning to the end. They supplied a competent service for us and made our move stress free. There were various packages to suit individual clients' needs available so you can book as much help as you require. The cost was excellent value, and the workers were very friendly. I would certainly recommend anybody needing a removal service get in touch and enquire about these wonderful services, you can guarantee an easy move.
Tasha Green
19Mar 2014
Getting the right removals service is usually the make or break moment when it comes to moving home. With the right help, the entire day can fly by and with the wrong help, everything is just complete hassle from the get go. That's why we hire RoehamptonRemovals every time. There's never been a problem and they always get us a great price. I am so pleased with their help that I always pass on their names to friends and finally thought it was time to come on hear and add to the praise which seems to rightly be given.