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28 November 2014
People Who Need To Know You're Moving
People Who Need To Know You're Moving
When you are moving house, there are a lot of people and companies that need to be intimated about your change in address. In the heat of the moment, it might be difficult to remember all the things that need to be done, so we have put together a list of people, apart from your friends and family, whom you must inform about your change in address. We advise that you get around to working down this list at last three weeks before the move. 1.    UtilitiesWhether you intend to continue with the same provider or change companies, you will have to discontinue your utilities service at the old property. Since disconnecting here and re-connecting or making a new connection in your new home will take time, we suggest that you get around to doing this first. 48 hours before the move, give them a call and remind them to discontinue the service.2. Water SuppliersUnlike other utilities, you have no control who provides you water in the new area. So settle the old bill, find out who your new supplier will be and get started on the process of a new billing account under your name. 3.    The Post OfficeInitiate a post redirection procedure with your post office so that any mail that is wrongly addressed is forwarded to your new address. This is a chargeable service and might take at least 10 days to set up so make sure you submit the form ahead of your move. 4. The BankDepending on where you are moving, you might want to change your account to a branch that is closer to your new home, especially if you have a safety deposit box that you usually access. Before you switch accounts, do ensure that all standing orders or credit cards on that account are paid out. 5.    Phone and internet companyYou will probably need to use the phone and broadband within few days of moving, so you might want to arrange for these to be installed in your new house prior to the moving date. 6.    Electoral RegisterIf you are going to change your electoral area, you must let your Council and Electoral Commission know since the voter’s register is probably updated every month and you need to be removed from your old district and enrolled in the new one. You can do this in person at the Electoral Registration Office in your local council or complete a form for the same online. 7.    Home insurersWhen you are dealing with your insurance company regarding a house movers insurance to cover your belongings during the removals, ensure that you also notify them of your relocation and clarify if the home insurance can be transferred to your new property. Your change in address could mean that your premium will also change, so ensure that you have adequate building cover, if it is not already provided by your landlord.8. Car insurance and DVLAYou will need to update your address in the Vehicle Registration Document as well as with your car insurance provider. A change in postcode and parking arrangements might change the premium you pay, so you can either opt to update your policy with the same company or switch. Notifying the DVLA is also important otherwise you might be fined for it. During a rushed removal, it is easy to forget any one of these important notifications, so you might also transfer this responsibility to your house removal conveyance solicitor to arrange as an additional service.

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